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Nov 2, 2023

A healthy smile is a key part of overall well-being, and taking care of your teeth should be a top priority. If you are looking for periodontitis treatment in Singapore, Teeth at Tiong Bahru is the premier dental clinic offering top-quality services at an affordable cost. With a team of highly skilled professionals specializing in general dentistry, dentists, and orthodontists, you can rest assured that your oral health is in expert hands.

Understanding Periodontitis and Its Treatment Options

Periodontitis is a serious gum infection that damages the soft tissue and destroys the bone that supports your teeth. If left untreated, it can lead to tooth loss. The early detection and treatment of periodontitis are crucial to maintaining a healthy mouth.

Teeth at Tiong Bahru offers a comprehensive range of periodontal treatments tailored to your specific needs. Our experienced team will conduct a thorough examination to assess the severity of your condition and recommend the most appropriate treatment plan.

Treatment Options for Periodontitis at Teeth at Tiong Bahru

1. Scaling and Root Planing:

This non-surgical treatment involves removing plaque and tartar from above and below the gum line. The root surfaces are then smoothened to prevent further buildup of bacteria.

2. Periodontal Surgery:

In severe cases, where scaling and root planing alone are not enough, periodontal surgery may be required. Our skilled dentists utilize advanced techniques to address deep gum pockets and restore gum health.

3. Dental Implants:

If tooth loss has occurred due to periodontitis, dental implants can provide a permanent solution. Teeth at Tiong Bahru offers state-of-the-art implant procedures that will restore your smile and function.

The Cost of Periodontitis Treatment in Singapore

Understanding the cost of periodontitis treatment is an important factor in making informed decisions about your oral health. At Teeth at Tiong Bahru, we believe in providing transparent pricing and high-quality service.

The cost of periodontitis treatment varies depending on the severity of the condition and the chosen treatment option. During your initial consultation, our dedicated team will discuss the treatment plans available to you and provide a detailed breakdown of the costs involved.

While the fees may vary, rest assured that Teeth at Tiong Bahru strives to offer competitive pricing without compromising on the quality of care. We understand the financial considerations that come with dental treatments and work closely with our patients to find suitable payment options and insurance coverage.

Why Choose Teeth at Tiong Bahru?

1. Expertise and Experience:

Teeth at Tiong Bahru is home to a team of highly skilled dentists, orthodontists, and specialists in general dentistry. Our combined expertise and extensive experience ensure that you receive the best possible care for periodontitis treatment.

2. State-of-the-Art Facilities:

We take pride in our modern and well-equipped dental clinic. Our cutting-edge technology enables us to deliver precise and efficient treatments, ensuring optimal results for our patients.

3. Personalized Approach:

We understand that every patient is unique, and we tailor our treatment plans to address your specific needs. You can expect individualized care and attention from our team throughout your periodontitis treatment journey.

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Note: This article is intended for informational purposes only. It is not a substitute for professional dental advice, diagnosis, or treatment.

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